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So what do you prefer, Beach or Rain forest vacation? Beach or rain forest? I would say: beach and rainforest.

I love the beach (maybe because I am from an Island, the Dominican Republic) but I enjoy being in the rain forest as well.

To me, the ideal tropical paradise for my vacation has to be a place where I can have a direct contact with nature; walk into the jungle and see the monkeys swinging on the tree branches right above my head and, of course, paradisaical beaches to enjoy the beauty of the sea, see whales and dolphins play. Now, that's exciting.

I know Costa Rica is well known for it's great variety of tropical plants and exotic wildlife, impressive volcanoes and waterfalls, orchids and butterflies, sharks and crocodiles, Toucans and turtles, . In other words, it displays the beautiful
COLORS of nature. That is why when it comes to rainforest, Costa Rica is my first choice.

I know surfers and snorkelers, scuba divers, etc. Costa Rica beaches are amazing, and are also part of Costa Rica tourism.

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And, talking about the beach?...

Dominican Republic beaches are among the best, for its very well known sugar-white and golden sand, amazing golf courses and all inclusive hotels. But not only that. Dominican Republic beaches, just like Costa Rica rainforests, has the combination of the two characteristics of my perfect vacation destinations. The rivers, waterfalls, mountains, Indian art in caves and more, are things that you can't miss when visiting the island.

There is nothing like the green covering the mountains as a paradise for ecotourism; or the white sand and warm-clean waters of an inviting tropical beach where you can seat under a tall coconut palm and hear the peaceful sound of the waves and watch the birds overflying the shore trying to catch a fish. Sigh, life is good.

Action? Well, because of the great weather all year round in the Dominican Republic, there are many things you can do during your visit; such as rafting, surfing, golfing, canopying, diving, hiking, deep water fishing, snorkeling, etc.

The perfect combination. Dominican Republic and Costa Rica got the best of the beach and rain forest. When you come the first time, you will want to come again and maybe plan your retirement at either the Dominican Republic or Costa Rica. And better yet, being these considered friendly, democratic and peaceful countries, who wouldn't!

And if you need help to decide which is the best place to retire by knowing about the Dominican Republic facts and History, Costa Rica info and rainforest etc., then you have come to the right place.

Want to come out of the cold?... Beach and rainforest!
Want to have the vacations you've been dreaming of?...Beach and rainforest!

What tourist are you?

Click on either Costa Rica flag or Dominican Republic flag to go there.

You are welcome to take a tour to each of these beautiful countries.

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