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My Beach Stories

It is very possible that you have some beach stories to tell when you are from a tropical country that is also an island, maybe more than 2 or 3. I have some of these stories and I have posted them here for you to enjoy.

The beach is one of my preferred places for vacationing and Dominican Las MariasRepublic Beaches are among the best. I was born and grew up in the Dominican Republic, (yes, a beautiful island) so I was always “surrounded” by beaches. So let me share some of my beach stories with you.

What do I mean about beach stories? If you have been to the beach, then you must have your own stories too.

In one of my beach stories something happened with a kayak at an all inclusive hotel. Among my beach stories there is one about a banana boat in Punta Cana. Humm, Just keep reading.

The "When I Was Little" Story

My parents used to take my sister, brother and me there almost every weekend. Boca Chica beach is located at about 15 minutes of distance from our house. We used to spend the day there. We left the house at 9:30am on Saturday or Sunday and returned at 5 or 6pm. The typical plate Dominicans eat at the beach is spaghetti and potato Chips, plantain Chips and sodas.

They used to take us to all inclusive hotels for summer vacations, also. I remember that (although the beach was close by) desperation always attacked us to arrive. The trip seemed to be eternal (we were kids. You know how it is). But when we arrived, my dad had not park the car yet when we were already swimming. What a time!

Sometimes we went in group. I have a big family; many uncles and aunts and, therefore, many cousins. When we got together, an excellent idea suddently to happened to somebody: “let’s go to the beach!” she said. And the group was of about 12 adults and 8 children.

It was so fun to be with a bunch of cousins running in the sand and playing the Bridge in the shore. “The Bridge?” That game consists of standing in a line with the legs opened. The first one in line had to go under and swim in between the legs of the group to the last one in line. When that person arrived to the end he had to get in the line too and then the first one in line had to do the same and so on until everybody had done it or until we got tired. So fun! When we got tired of that game, we made pyramids and thus they continued arising more games.

The "Kayaking in Punta Cana" Story

When my sister and I were single, we went with our friends to an all-inclusive hotel. We arrived Thursday at 3 p.m. and returned Sunday, 4 days and 3 nights. It was unforgettable, we felt like queens. Everything was to our disposition. San Rafael Beach

That time I did kayak for the first time in my life. The kayak was double and I got on with a friend. The waves hit us hard and they were taking to us towards a reef, we lost control and when we were right next to the reef, a wave stroked us and overturned the kayak. Guess where we fell on. You got it! And it was full of sea urchins. We had thorns on our hands and feet. We almost could not walk. It was a painful, but fun experience. Finally a nurse removed the thorns and we continued our vacations.

The "Banana Boat" Story

Another day, we rode on a banana boat (a type of boat in form of a banana for 6 people that is thrown by a motor boat). My friend Lucy was at the front, I was in 2do place, behind me was my sister, behind my sister was my friend Jannelle and last was my friend Lucy #2. There was an empty space because my friend Carolina was scared and preferred to go in the boat with the driver. They gave us three turns from side to side. They took us to the dark blue part or… the sea. We were afraid to fall there, although we had life-guards.

We thought that we had passed the test because we didn’t fall in the water! When we were almost getting to the shore again we gave the shout of triumph because still we were on the banana. But nor we had finished the shout when we fell into the water. What a deception!We came back the following year but to the hotel that was next to the first one because Dominican Republic hotels should be enjoyed as much as you can.

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