Costa Rica,
The Land of Green.

Costa Rica is located in Central America. Is has unlimited touristic potential and is ranked as one of the most visited international destinations. One of it’s main source of income is tourism.

It is a beautiful land. About 25.58 percent of the total land area is protected.
  Canopy Platform
CanopyHere the visitor can enjoy all the necessary components of an ideal vacation.

Tourism is big business. The nation enjoys an annual visitor increase which allowed it to arrive on the tourism map, entering the elite ranks of certifiable global hot spots.

This is the easiest Central American country to travel in, due to a stable political environment and economy, prevalence of English-speakers, and enthusiastic private and government support of tourism

Protected natural beauty brought visitors in, but it is an aggressive international marketing campaign and zeal for marketing continuous improvements to the tourism infrastructure that has ensured the country's place in the tourism world. 

Click here to read about it's Exciting Adventures, or you can also learn more about it's lovely tropical beaches, or even take a look at it's wonderful nature, and it's history.

No wonder why thousands of tourists have made it their top get away choice.

For decades, this has been a preferred "green" destination, but as the years have passed, so has the makeup of visitors. Once, a hot spot for backpackers seeking to stretch their dollars as far as possible, now it has become a much more varied destination, where luxurious hotels draw as many guests as the youth hostels and rural inns loved by adventure-seeking college students.

Another hot market is family travel, and tour operators are rushing to fill the demand for adventurous vacations with the whole clan in mind. Great part of leisure travelers are currently taking vacation with their children. More affluent and well-traveled families are seeking unique and exciting vacation opportunities, and when you consider all that Costa Rica has to offer, it becomes the perfect destination for the family adventurer.

                                                                                              Scarlet Macaws

This land provides the habitat for a vast array of flora and fauna.Over 10,000 species of higher plants are found here, as are over 200 of mammals, 160 species of amphibians, over 200 species of reptiles, and over 1,000 species of butterflies. It's 850 species of birds represent more than in the entire North American continent. Wow! Click here to read about Rainforest birds.

It is a small country. It covers only 0.03% of the surface of the globe, but it proudly shelters 6% of the existing biodiversity of the entire world.

It is democratic and peaceful, and it has not had an army since 1949.

Many people has made it their home for the peace that it offers. It's not hard to fall in love with this amazing country. Not hard at all. By clicking here you can get General Info about this beautiful country.

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