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Sun, Sea, and Sand are the Perfect Combination for the best Vacations.

What makes Dominican Republic so special?

The Dominican Republic has places that still are the way they used to be in the past. It is peaceful and quiet; it has beauty that comes from the people and the land itself.  If you are looking for a place to get away and relax come to this island.

Because many places are not totally discovered yet, the prices are extremely reasonable.

Dominican Republic offers miles of beach for walking along where you are virtually by yourself, it’s the kind of place where you want to relax and do nothing.

And it’s so amazing, because you see people every day or almost every day walk down to the beach, grab a boat that they keep on the shore under the coconut palms and go fishing; not sport fishing, they actually do fishing for food.  You don’t have to feel threaten by the people because everybody is so friendly!

When you are walking on the beach you can also see these young men climbing up the coconut palms; these palms can be as high as a 5 storey building. These men climb up to get coconuts and then they go around and sell them. The sweet water that comes from those coconuts is so yummy, and after you have drunk all the water you give the coconut shell to them and they cut it in half so that you can eat the coconut inside.

In the All-Inclusive hotel you have everything: air conditioner, buffet, bars that offer food and drink all day long that you just have to ask and they will serve it to you. Ant the good thing is that all that is included; no tipping or anything (they are not allowed to take tips) but you will get more out of your trip if you go out and see other things.

All the nice things that I mentioned before you will see by going out of the hotel to the nearby neighborhoods. When you get back to the hotel, there are many things you can do like snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, play golf; you can even take Merengue or Salsa dance classes during your stay at the hotel so that you can go back and say “I can dance merengue and salsa”.  But, again, if you just want to relax and do nothing you are welcome to do that too.

But I really recommend you to go out of the hotel and experience the beauty of the area where you are at or go even further (ask about the tourist guides). There are so many places to see and enjoy.

And you know what? The amazing thing of the weather is that in one moment it can start raining and it rains for a minute or two and on the next second the sun is bright and shinning. It’s just great!

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But not everything is so nice and beautiful to make you feel confident and not worried at all, no. Many travelers have been scared away due to the reputation (not entirely deserved, by the way) of social unrest, high crime and poverty.

But, as I mentioned before, the Dominican Republic people are among the friendliest in the Caribbean; their hospitality seems more genuine than in many other places.

Keep yourself safe, especially in Santo Domingo where there is more robbery, but if you have simple common-sense safety rules like: not walking in dark-solitaire places, lock valuable things in your hotel room, don’t carry large amounts of cash instead, carry one or two credit cards, then you should be ok.

Quisqueya (or “Mother Earth” as the natives called it before the Spaniards arrived), is “the most beautiful island in the world” as Columbus described it; was called Hispaniola or “Little Spain” by the Spaniards.

The economy is not even in the country. There are a lot of poor people (more than there is rich people) that risk their lives trying to cross the Mona Canal (54 miles) to get to Puerto Rico to then head into the United States.

Hurricanes are the greatest threat to the Dominican Republic. If a hurricane hits the country before your trip, you should call ahead and make sure your room is ok. But major resorts get back up quickly after a hurricane.

Come to the land of “Merengue, mucho bueno”. 

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