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Dominican Republic Beaches are among the best in the world. The Dominican Republic has the perfect temperatures to enjoy the beaches and the sun, but in summer time to stay fresh is a need.
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Christopher Columbus said "It is the most beautiful island of the world".The white sand and the clean and crystalline waters Beaches are tempting. A coastline filled with tall coconut palm trees to offer good shade.

The climate is perfect in the country so to visit the beaches every day of the year.

The western side of the Dominican Republic has the most tranquil, secluded beaches. There, you know you will not find crowded beaches you will be almost by yourself.

On the other hand, the east side is the most visited by the tourists who look for the all-inclusive hotels, and because they are closer to the big city, Santo Domingo, they tend to be crowded all the time.

The all inclusive hotels that we have in Dominican Republic are like a dream. Their low prices are making the Dominican Republic the fastest growing destination in the Caribbean!

Everything is prepared so that you can have the best vacations ever.

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And for those who want to keep the colorful souvenirs of the Dominican Republic, the art in the beach is available for you.

You can find beautiful hand painted art frames that display the beauty of this great island. The prices of these works of popular art vary depending on the location where they are sold, for example, the stores located at the hotels in the beach sell them at an average price of US$50 for the small to medium sizes.

Boca Chica Beach
This is still one of the best beaches in the Caribbean with immaculate fine sand. You can walk in the water and the depth will barely change, the water will be to your waist (or a little bit over) all the time. It's the most family friendly of all the Dominican Republic beaches.
Boca Chica Beach
The bad news is that because Boca Chica is 19 miles (30 km) away from Santo Domingo, the beach is overcrowded on weekends and holidays. There are lots of bars, restaurants, pizza stands, souvenirs stalls (very tacky by the way) and loud music all day long; all this along the beach sand very close to the shore. Below is a picture to give you an idea of the food stands.
Boca Chica, Dominican Republic
Punta Cana and Bavaro BeachesPunta Cana, Bavaro beaches
The eastern coast of the Dominican Republic has the world's greatest beach line and is centered at Bavaro and Punta Cana.  The largest concentration of all-inclusive hotels in the Caribbean is here with a beach front that extends to 20 miles (32km).

These Gorgeous, wide and golden-colored sand beaches are great for swimming all year long.

Cayo Levantado
This island is very close to Samana Bay. You can get to it very easily by boat. Once there you can enjoy both, the beach and the tropical forest. The first thing you will probably want to do is swim or snorkel but when you get tired of that you can go hiking. Great adventure!

Rincon Beach
This one is considered as one of the top 10 Caribbean beaches. It's hard to get to it, but once you do, you will encounter yourself to be in a true tropical paradise of white sands. The beach is great for swimming and snorkeling but there is no facilities at it., so be prepared when visiting.

Dorada Beach
There is a large concentration of all-inclusive hotels at Playa Dorada. Brave waters for swimming, thou, but great for surfers, water-skiers and the like.
To get the most out of your surfing experience at Playa Dorada you need to plan your visit during the winter when the waves are a bit higher. And don't worry, the water won't be cold.

There is also free access to the hotel beach side so, those staying at the hotels will be wearing a wrist-band and the ones without it are only enjoying the beach.

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